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Big Daddy Wilson – I’m Your Man (2013)

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BIGBig Daddy Wilson was born over 50 years ago in a small town called Edenton, North Carolina. Young Wilson quit school at 16, and joined the US Army in germany where he discovered the blues at a concert.{“In Edenton we used to listen to gospel and to the country music played at the local radio station. I didn’t know what the blues was before”}, Wilson says. After this experience, he went on stage, jammed all over the German blues scene, and made an impression with his warm and soulful voice. With his international solo debut on RUF Records four years ago, Big Daddy Wilson took it one step further in his late career as a musician. Now he proposes to you his new album {“I’m Your Man”} on Dixiefrog including the song “{Hold The Ladder}” written especially for him by his long-time friend Eric Bibb, and produced by Staffan Astner (Eric Bibb’s guitarist) and Sven Lindvall (who plays upright bass,electric bass and tuba on the album).

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Hiss Golden Messenger – Haw (2013)

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HISHiss Golden Messenger’s Haw is a shining example of contemporary American country blues.Haw is a rollercoaster of an album and clearly the product of much hard work and soul-searching on the part of its creators – the end result is 11 quality tracks. Haw has the potential to reach out and convert music lovers who have never truly appreciated country music, with real southern blues and a humble accessibility that is hard to find amongst more mainstream forms of the genre. Hiss Golden Messenger have achieved something rather special.

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Kenny Roby – Memories & Birds (2013)

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Kenny-RobyEver since leaving the band with which he achieved his initial notoriety. Six String Drag, North Carolina native Kenny Roby has demonstrated a remarkable proficiency for absorbing a wealth of musical forms and influences. Not surprisingly then, Memories & Birds continues to stake out new terrain, with Roby readily expressing a wealth of emotions in the context of various diverse setups and characters that often mouth contrary and conflicted sentiments.
Though only eight tracks long, Roby’s sense of literary precision makes this a grand tableau, well worthy of the sweeping comparisons he’s garnered to Flannery O’Connor, William Faulkner and other authors who share his southern sensibilities. “I got a flair for fuckin’ up a plan,” he declares at one point, although his knack for creativity and composition would seem to belie that assertion. Whether it’s the soft swoon and clarinet accompaniment of the title track, the easy lope of “The Monster,” the silky serenade of “The Craziest Kid Around” or the hushed pronouncements that pervade the set as a whole, Roby never seems at a loss for exposition, or for that matter, a means of delivery.
And in those eight songs, he spans a far greater stylistic shift than many of his contemporaries manage in several volumes. These memories in the making are well worth grasping on to.

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Miss Chain & The Broken Heels – The Dawn (2013)

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“The Dawn” stems from the common effort of the band together with producer Pierluigi Ballarin (The R’s) at T.U.P. Studio in Brescia (Italy). Two weeks of live recordings on tape to capture the joy of experimenting in a studio yielded a perfect blend of warm, thick and surrounding sound: it is a complex record that […]

Gurf Morlix – Finds the Present Tense (2013)

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After 4 years, Gurf finally releases an album of new songs. It’s called Gurf Morlix Finds the Present Tense.Ten new songs of desperation and desire, done in Gurf’s inimitable, honest style. Gurf took two years off from releasing his own songs to tour in support of his most recent record, Blaze Foley’s 113th Wet Dream, […]

Richard Shindell – Vuelta (2004)

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For a genre where storytelling and songcraft remain paramount, the implicit pressure on any folk songwriter—particularly one with the longevity of Richard Shindell—is to use the 70-odd minutes of an album to try and carry listeners off on a variety of journeys, both imaginative and emotional. The best usually manage to lead this tour of […]