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Cam Penner – To Build A Fire (2012)

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Consistent guy who Cam Penner. One year after the excellent album Gypsy Summer surprised his fans with his latest album To Build A Fire. Cam and his solid musical companion Jon Wood in the Americana genre produced an exemplary album, dedicated to both their fathers. The men play a zip tools that they songs Cams hand constantly enrich the very finest detail. A brass section consisting of Nick Anderson on French horn and Alison Gorman on trumpet, opens the album with its worn parties after the end of the song Mighty Damn Animator (So Long, Farewell) the duo Penner / Wood in charge to himself. Colleague Rein van den Berg puts absolutely right to praise this album. Also deeply impressed by the comprehensive nature of the repertoire on this album.

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The Quiet Lion – In The Smallest Voice (2013)

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 QUISoft, subtle and simply-crafted songs designed for the still hours of the night

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Etta James – Etta Is Betta Than Evvah! [With Bonus Tracks] (1976/2013)

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ettaReleased in 1976, when Etta James wasn’t ruling the charts by any means but wasn’t adverse to the idea of climbing back into the Top 40, Etta Is Bettah Than Evvah! bears a boastful title and its ten funky cuts do not lack for bravado. Nevertheless, it’s very difficult to agree that Etta is better than ever here.

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The Biscuit Burners – A Mountain Apart (2006)

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With the combination of their immense talent, diverse backgrounds, and youthful energy, the Biscuit Burners successfully turn the heads of everyone who cross their path. The Biscuit Burners are Shannon Whitworth (clawhammer banjo, acoustic guitar, vocals), Mary Lucey (acousit bass, vocals), Bill Cardine (resphonic guitar, vocals), John Stickley (mandolin), and Dan Bletz (acoustic guitar). mp3 […]

Mauro Albert – Jazz Manouche Brasil (2013)

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Mauro Albert – Lead Guitar Celso Pacheco – Rythm guitar Ricardo Penha – Acoustic bass Wagner Costa – Violin Tracks: 01. Imaginario 02. Esperan?a 03. Inverno 04. Hymne a mon amour 05. Djangando 06. Plein d’espoir 07. Guerra de paz 08. Arranca rabo 09. Oriental shuffle 10. Prosa campeira 11. Pra ti 12. Sereno mp3 […]

April Smith and The Great Picture Show – Songs for a Sinking Ship (2010)

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Vocalist April Smith and her band The Great Picture Show give riverboat ragtime a modern look on their new CD Songs For A Sinking Ship. With a mix of cabaret, swing, big band, and showtunes, Smith and company blend vintage cotton-club ragtime with contemporary theatrical-pop producing an arsenal of vibrantly hued tunes and infectious melodies […]

Phil Alvin – County Fair 2000 (1994)

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Phil Alvin’s second solo date, County Fair 2000 continues his thorough exploration of Americana with references to tap dancing (“Low Down Rhythm”), Ellingtonia (“The Terror”), Delta blues (“That Thing”), New Orleans brass bands (“Danny Boy’s Mourning Sunset”), rockabilly/country (“County Fair 2000”), automobiles (“Wreck Your V-8 Ford”), and the Jimmy Reed-styled “Oh, Doctor.” Alvin has the […]

Wheeler Brothers – Gold Boots Glitter (2013)

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The three Wheeler siblings (Nolan, Tyler and Patrick) started playing music with guitarist Danny Matthews while attending Louisiana State University, joining up with high-school buddy A.J. Molyneaux when they returned to Austin. For their first album, “Portraits,” “we had a group of songs finished and then we’d go in and record, like six songs at […]

Futurebirds – Baba Yaga (2013)

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Tracks: 01. Virginia Slims 02. Serial Bowls 03. American Cowboy 04. Tan Lines 05. Felix Helix 06. Dig 07. Keith And Donna 08. The Light 09. Death Awaits 10. The Doewg 11. Womeo 12. Strangers 13. St. Summercamp mp3 320 kbps | 159 MB | UL | CL