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Barrence Whitfield Eta Petti & The Bloodyhotsak – Barrence Whitfield Eta Petti & The Bloodyhotsak (2009)

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BAThe double “B” is a musical connection between two cities destined to work together someday: the number of musicians in each of them is outstanding, specially in direct proportion to the number of inhabitants. And Petti and Barrence Whitfield have made that predestined cultural encounter real. Wikipedia verifies that, among other good things, Bera is important because of the amount of musicians born there, with the clan of the Irazoki to the front. Boston, on the other hand, has been the world-wide capital of garage rock, thanks to pioneering bands as the Remains. And there also were DMZ, Real Kids and Lyres… or our Barrence Whitfield, who has collaborated with members of all those bands through his career, until his last solo record, the vibrant “Raw, Raw, Rough”.

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Vicente Amigo – Tierra (2013)

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vicThe great Flamenco guitar player has opened his music’s window to the fresh air of the British producer Guy Fletcher and recorded in London with musicians from Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler and Capercaillie, in order to offer an exceptional and brave album in which Flamenco music blends naturally with other music styles, opening new paths without losing depth, holding tightly to the inspirational Southern Spanish sounds but wrapped in Celtic melodies, linking light and mist, hovering over different styles to create something completely new.


Vicente Amigo – guitar, vocals, cajon, palmas
Guy Fletcher – organ, piano
Danny Cummings – percussion, drums
Mike McGoldrick – flute, bagpipe
John McCusker – fiddle
Donald Shaw – accordion
Ewen Vernal – bass

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Kevn Kinney – Songs For A Late Night Morning (2013)

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 Kinney Tracks:

01.A Tracks For Me
03.I Keep It Simple
04.Let s Go Dancing Again
05.Sometimes I Wish Didn t
06.Turn It Around

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Sons Of Fathers – Burning Days (2013)

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Texas folk rockers Sons of Fathers have announced the release their forthcoming album Burning Days.The album, due out April 2, is a follow up to the band’s self-titled debut album, which was released in 2011. The Texas roots of this band, not to mention the time guitarist and vocalist Paul Cauthen spent on a chain […]