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Al Lewis – Battles (2013)

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alA curiously angstless but worthy album from this Welsh singer-songwriter sees him pondering time, age, and love in winsome, often ethereal tones. Battles is melodic with a chamber music feel and an affinity with the likes of James Taylor. It searches for meaning: “I don’t believe in magic, so how do I see you?” and “Are we simply treading water whilst looking out for something better?” typify the lyrics. A Wales-is-home, home-is-where-the-heart-is reception on last autumn’s festival scene heralded this more-than-pop folk artist’s arrival. Lewis tours in Scottish and northern venues this spring, with just a couple of dates in London and the West Country.

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Dan Bern – Drifter (2012)

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BernThe Players:
Dan Bern: guitar, bass, organ, vocals
Adam Busch: autoharp, harmonica, glock, sax, drums, vocals
Jordan Katz: banjo, trumpet, trombone, vocals
Eric Kufs: dobro, guitar, vocals
Jillinda Palmer: accordion, organ, vocals
Mark McConville: pedal steel, electric guitar
Paul Kuhn: cellocaster
Mitch Marine: drums
Ethan Phillips: bass
Jon Griffin: bass, organ, vocals
Mike Viola: piano and vocals
Emmylou Harris: vocals
David Ray: drums
John Lacques: drums

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Dan Auerbach – Keep It Hid (2009)

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DANOn his solo debut, Black Keys singer and guitarist Dan Auerbach takes a simple approach: ‘I just wanted to do the things I loved.’ For Auerbach, that means combining elements of bluegrass a la the Stanley Brothers, mournful country balladry, Memphis-style R&B, fuzzed-out psychedelic rock and low-down blues on this collection of 14 original tunes, which Auerbach self-produced and recorded with friends and family at his family at his newly built studio, Akron Analog.

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Fox Street Allstars – Tough Talk (2013)

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Make no mistake: the Fox Street Allstars (FSAS) reek of the roadhouses and West Texas honky-tonks of the deep south that inspired their signature sound. FSAS is a roller coaster of roadhouse blues interwoven with super-sized helpings of funk with elements of rock, soul and jazz. No one really has any idea where front man […]

Curtis McMurtry & God’s Chosen People – Proper Way To Travel (2012)

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Curtis McMurtry & God’s Chosen People do not know what to call their music exactly. It’s not that you’ve never heard anything like it, you definitely have. It’s just that it sort of sounds like everything at once. It’s country-swing-jazz-pop-rock-dixielandsinger-songwriter-indie-folk or something. We call it Americana, since that genre seems broad enough to accomodate almost […]

Cookies n Beans – The First Step (2013)

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Country-past and country-present of Melodifestivalen – Cookies n Beans and Abalone Dots relelase new albums almost at the same time. Abalone Dots have already presented their “Chocolate & Cigarettes” last week but as we didn’t check it yet let’s talk about the first girls.Though taking part in MF-2009 hasn’t brought a big success to the […]

Kathy Mattea – Calling Me Home (2012)

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Calling Me Home is a very dark album and is rooted far deeper in the world of traditional Folk music than its predecessor. There is very little light to compliment the dark shade of tracks like Now is the Cool of the Day and the title track, Calling Me Homewhich hardly reflects the spirit of […]

JJ Schultz – Carolina (2012)

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JJ Schultz is a Wisconsin born artist, but he has been working in San Francisco for many years now. He discographically debuted with “Bustin’ Outa Town” in 2004, followed by “Something To Me” (2005) and “Travelling Sons” (2007). His actuelle offering is “Carolina”, a full-length with 8 tracks in. With minnimal following back-up instrumentations, Mr. […]

Shannon Whitworth – Water Bound (2010)

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Shannon Whitworth was born in Virginia, but moved to South Carolina almost immediately after birth. Her father was an educator and a music lover. He and her mother filled the Whitworth house with music, and Shannon’s early years echoedwith the songs of those that she considers some of the writers who framed her melodic sensibilitie […]

Townes Van Zandt – Rain On A Conga Drum – Live in Berlin (1991)

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Recorded October 25, 1990, during Berlin Independence Days at the Quasimodo Tracks: 01 Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold (02:57) 02 If I Needed You (02:52) 03 Buckskin Stallion Blues (03:15) 04 Short-haired Woman Blues (03:11) 05 Ain’t Leavin’ Your Love (02:31) 06 Pancho & Lefty (08:12) 07 Dollar Bill Blues (02:55) 08 Fraulein (03:13) 09 […]