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Jason Molina – Autumn Bird Songs (2012)

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Jason Molina is an American singer-songwriter, originally from Lorain, Ohio. He first came to prominence performing and recording as Songs: Ohia, both in solo projects and with a rotating cast of musicians. Since 2003, he has recorded either under his own name or with a stable line-up of band members as the Magnolia Electric Co. He has been inactive and absent from the public eye since 2009 due to poor health and is currently working on a farm in West Virginia.

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Mathis Haug – Distance (2013)

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01 – We’ll get there by dawn
02 – Carnival train
03 – Wise advice
04 – Poodle dog
05 – Sign of the times
06 – Song for my brunette
07 – Hearthbreaker
08 – Cannibal dancer
09 – Paper cup
10 – Is Jesus on my side
11 – The clown
12 – Sad and lonesome day blues
13 – Black girl (Bonus Track)

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Water Liars – Wyoming (2013)

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waSongwriters have been writing sad songs since the medium’s inception. Yet sometimes you find an album with such restlessness and longing that it seems like a novel idea once more. In the past, Mississippi-via-St. Louis duo Water Liars’ songwriting has been compared to veterans such as Dawes, Grizzly Bear, and even Fleet Foxes, but their sophomore effort, Wyoming, has more mental meandering and grit than all of the above.
Singer/songwriter Justin Kunkel-Schuster uses the expanse of Wyoming (both the state and the album) to work through his thoughts. The slower songs have a plains-state reverb and hum to the guitars that glow like the flickering light on the back porch. “Bird of Song”, with the lines, “He can only love you in songs / he’ll just keep on getting it wrong/ so carry on,” or “You Work Days I Work Nights”, where Kunkel-Schuster howls out, “I’ve been wonderin’ what to do about you/ and I’ve been wonderin’ what you’ll do about me,” both have a simple honesty that resonates. They aren’t overwrought or overdramatic; they’re the late night napkin thoughts that are never carried out.
The other half of Water Liars, drummer-vocalist Andrew Bryant, adds a strong backing beat (“Sucker”), but he also knows when to tone it down to slower heartbeats (“Fake Heat”). Bryant and Kunkel-Schuster work this push and pull well: Kunkel-Schuster’s pained howl will stop you in your tracks, while Bryant’s simple beats will defibrillate your heart soon after.

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Tinsley Ellis – Get It! (2013)

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Landslide Records is proud and excited to announce its next release: ‘Get It!’, the all instrumental album from Tinsley Ellis that his fans have been requesting for decades. Produced by Ellis, the CD marks the initial offering from his newly established label, Heartfixer Music. A hardworking veteran of numerous U.S. and international tours, Ellis’ CD’s […]

Larry Jon Wilson – New Beginnings (1975)

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Larry Jon Wilson was very much cut from the same cloth as fellow Monument recording artist Tony Joe White, blessed with a similar warm, burnished baritone, a fondness for Southern narratives and blue-eyed southern soul tempered by some soft, easy-rolling pop.  Such is the unique and criminally under appreciated song craft of Larry Jon Wilson. […]

B.B. King – The Life Of Riley – The Soundtrack [2CD] (2012)

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BB King-The Life Of Riley is powerful, insightful and heart-warming feature documentary about legendary Blues man, BB King. Narrated by Morgan Freeman and featuring contributions by, amongst others, Eric Clapton, Bono, Ringo Starr, Carlos Santana, Slash, Bonnie Raitt, Buddy Guy, Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger and Bruce Willis. In order to create as insightful a film […]

Brothers in Law – Hard Times For Dreamers (2013)

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An album can be presented as a passage from a biography, talking about who wrote and recorded it. Brothers In Law, for example, is a band from Pesaro, active since 2011, who has released a couple of EPs. And so on. Or, when discussing an album, you can describe the sounds, the references, the influences. […]