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Baskerville Willy – No Ordinary Hound (2012)

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BASKQuriky US-Brit acoustic combo play oddball swampy blues-: big on harmonica and slide guitar but with touches of jazz, bluegrass and gospel. 13 tracks on canines, trains, cars and women: its dark, atmospheric and strange: the blues but not as we know it.

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Black Oak Arkansas – Early Times (1969)

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blackThe material on Black Oak Arkansas’ Early Times collection may have been recorded in 1969, but it went unreleased until 1974 by Stax, after the band scored chart success with 1973’s High on the Hog and its smash novelty single, “Jim Dandy,” named for the band’s gruff-voiced lead vocalist, Jim “Dandy” Mangrum. The lineup that would appear on their official debut remained intact from these sessions. Guitarist Ricky Reynolds wrote the majority of the tunes here, and while some of them showed up in different versions in concert and on other compilation records, there is a reason Early Times wasn’t released when it was recorded: it isn’t very good. While many could argue that Black Oak Arkansas were a throwaway version of a Southern rock group, they’d be wrong. Novelty and comedy were part of the stage show, but despite Mangrum’s stage antics, their recordings were deathly serious — even if some of the tunes were about getting drunk and laid. Musically, there is great sophistication here — the hip horn chart on the opener, “Someone Something”; the whining pedal steel on “When I’m Gone”; the funky blues on “Collective Thinking”; etc. The problem isn’t the production — it’s the songs. They weren’t written to reflect a band’s identity so much as they were for the various individuals who penned them, leaving the set as a whole unfocused and seemingly unfinished. This one is for collectors only.

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Ben Riddle – Free As A Bird (2013)

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1. Free As a Bird (4:52)
2. Astronaut (2:07)
3. Heart’s on the Line (5:04)
4. Ideas for Love (4:57)
5. Stars (3:22)
6. Story to Tell (7:14)
7. Les Silhouettes (6:06)
8. All you Want (3:29)
9. Eyes Closed (11:40)

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Damien Jurado – Where Shall You Take Me? (2003)

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Arriving just a year after the surprisingly eclectic and electric rock of I Break Chairs, Damien Jurado’s Where Shall You Take Me? is something of a return — but not a retreat — to the moody minimalism of albums like Ghost of David. Songs like “Amateur Night” and “Omaha” share the acoustic strumming and rustic, […]