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Doug MacLeod – There’s A Time (2013)

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DOUGProduced by Doug MacLeod and Janice Mancuso and recorded at Skywalker Sound, the “baker’s dozen” tracks on There’s a Time showcase his soulful vocals and trademark guitar sound backed by Denny Croy on bass and Jimi Bott on drums.
“Making this album was different than any other one I’ve done in the past,” recalls MacLeod about the sessions. “They put Jimi, Denny and me on this huge soundstage at Skywalker Sound in Marin County and we sat around in a circle where we could see each other. We played live, no overdubs, just three guys playing some music together.
“Simply put, Jimi and Denny are two of the finest musicians I have ever had the pleasure to make music with. I’ve been known to change arrangements on the spot: add a bar here, take away a bar there. I go with the feeling of the moment. Both Jimi and Denny have this uncanny ability to follow that – even under what could have been pressure circumstances for other musicians.”

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The DeSoto Caucus – Offramp Rodeo (2013)

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deThe Desoto Caucus are the Danish contingent of Giant Sand comprising Anders Pedersen(guitar, vocals), Peter Dombernowsky(Drums, percussion),Nikolaj Heyman (bass, keyboards) and Thøger T. Lund (guitar, vocals). They’ve basically been Howe Gelb’s sidekicks for the past ten years since Pederson, Lund and Dombernowsky first backed Howe Gelb on his solo release The Listener. When Gelb decamped to Canada to record his acclaimed gospel album Sno’ Angel the trio used the downtime to record an album under the name of The Desoto Caucus. Reconvening with Gelb, Heyman came on board the Sand line up and he now comprises the fourth part of the fully formed Caucus.
While their first release, EliteContinentalCustomClub slipped under the radar Offramp Rodeo is getting a proper release (via Glitterhouse in Europe) and certainly should be high on the listening agenda for anyone who is moved by the magisterial Gelb and his ever widening circle. While it would be unfair to categorise The Desoto Caucus as Giant Sand sound a likes there’s no doubt that these Danes have had the opportunity to marinate in Gelb’s unique sensibilities before finding inspiration for their own flight. While they have that loose limbed sense of ambling through a song, stumbling on shards of jagged guitar and tripping over unexpected sonic blips that characterises much of Gelb’s work they also find inspiration from the likes of Vic Chesnutt, Mark Linkous and Bill Callahan and manage to forge their own identity with Pedersen, who wrote all of the songs (two co written with Heyman) rising to the occasion with some fine lyrics.

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Thalia Zedek Band – VIA (2013)

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thThalia Zedek might be beginning her fourth decade as an artist, but that doesn’t mean she’s just resting on her laurels these days. Far from it: Continuing to push limits like she did during the ‘80s and ‘90s in bands like Uzi, Live Skull, and Come, Zedek has come up with something that’s as vital and powerful as anything she’s done in her career with her latest album, Via. While the new effort certainly shows off the indie blues stylings that she trailblazed with her band Come, there’s an another level of complexity to Via that comes with the rich orchestral elements of strings and piano—it has been said that Zedek’s solo work imagines what the Dirty Three would sound like with a singer, and Via certainly makes good more so than ever on that claim. With the upcoming release of Via on the horizon, PopMatters checked in with Zedek to find out more about the album, the imminent reissue on Come’s 1992 debut Eleven: Eleven, and the difference between playing under your name and in a band. PopMatters is proud to premiere Via, which will be released on 19 March via Thrill Jockey.

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Passenger – Wide Eyes Blind Love (2009)

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Tracks: 01. The Last Unicorn 02. What Will Become Of Us 03. I See Love 04. Rainbows 05. Caravan 06. Wide Eyes 07. Underwater Bride 08. Starlings 09. Blind Love 10. Snowflakes mp3 VBR~185 kbps | 37 MB | UL

Commander Cody And His Modern Day Airmen – Live From The Island (2013)

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Recorded live from Commander Cody’s hometown Bayshore, Long Island, NY. This recording contains most of the Commander’s greatest hits, performed with new style and musical flair. Driven by Commander’s fantastic boogie woogie piano, Professor Louie’s exciting Hammond organ and longtime guitarist Mark Emerick leading the charge. mp3 160 kbps | 63 MB | UL | […]

Ray Wylie Hubbard – Off The Wall (1978)

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Ray Wylie Hubbard established himself as a different and braver kind of country artist with his great song “Redneck Mother.” Not only did he make fun of rednecks, he made fun of their mothers as well. He even managed to irritate the normally calm Merle Haggard by appropriating a line from “Okie From Muskogee.” Although […]

Jim O’Keeffe – Riverfolk (2013)

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Tracks: 01. Down At Joe’s (5:31) 02. Somewhere Left to Hide (11:39) 03. Boardwalk (5:22) 04. Warrior of the Wasteland (9:39) 05. Third Time’s a Charm (4:34) 06. Without Love (7:37) 07. S.M.E.B.B. (0:46) 08. Too Close to the Sun (5:05) 09. Do It With a Smile (2:41) 10. Concerning Lily Moreau (13:06) mp3 320 […]