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Douglas Firs – Shimmer & Glow (2012)

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DOUGLASDouglas Firs is Gertjan Van Hellemont (°1987), a Belgian singer, guitar player and songwriter who likes to listen to the pop tunes of The Beatles, singer-songwriters like James Taylor or Ryan Adams, and the country-blues of North Mississippi Allstars. He also likes the Back to the Future-trilogy. And eating fruit.
“It reminds me of Fleetwood Mac and Ryan Adams; very beautiful”
— Andy Burrows

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Wally Lee – Dust On Rust (2012)

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1. Dust On Rust 5:02
2. Bells of Freedom 4:19
3. Last Train to Clovis 5:43
4. Blue Room 7:07
5. The Owl 1:43
6. Chickamauga 1:41
7. Dyin’ Tree 5:49
8. I Wonder When 4:13
9. Norman Rockwell Land 4:24
10. City Lights 4:49
11. The Lord’s a Comin’ 4:19
12. Amazing Grace 2:02

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Hank Wood & The Hammerheads – Go Home (2012)

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HANK“Go Home” was released by Toxic State Records just a few months ago, and it features twelve of the grooviest songs to ever come out of New York City. The Hammerheads seriously outdid themselves on this release. Some songs have keyboards, some have cowbells, and others have both. Some songs are fast, some are slow, but every song on this album is worth listening to. I feel the band had some relevant topics of discussion for this album; some of which include dealing with life from a middle to lower class perspective, and/or being subjected to a world of bullshit by the authorities and people that aren’t from New York City (both seem to be equally annoying). We hear these themes in Hank Wood’s lyrics for songs like “It’s Hard on the Street” and “My House”. Following “It’s Hard on the Street” comes a tune called “Don’t Look At Me” which is followed by a song called “Don’t Walk Away From Me”. Putting the two songs back to back really shows that some folks don’t really know what they want; something we deal with everyday.

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