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Ronnie Earl & Broadcasters – Just for Today (2013)

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roStony Plain records announces an April 9 release date for Just for Today, the new CD from legendary guitarist Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters, recorded live at The Regent Theatre, The Natick Center for the Arts and The Narrows Center for the Arts, venues all located in his home state of Massachusetts. Acknowledged as one of the best guitarists on the planet, Ronnie Earl celebrates the 25th year of the band with long-time Broadcasters’ members Lorne Entress – drums, Dave Limina – piano and Hammond B3 and Jim Mouradian – bass. Singer Diane Blue is a special guest vocalist, and Nicholas Tabarias joins in on guitar for two songs.
On Just for Today, listeners get an up-close, front-row seat into what has made Ronnie Earl one of the most intense and passionate guitarists of his generation, as he squeezes every ounce of his soul into each string bend, guitar phrase and note throughout the mostly-instrumental 13 songs contained on the new CD.  As always, Ronnie pays tribute to many of his mentors and influences such as Otis Rush (“Rush Hour”), Hubert Sumlin (“Blues for Hubert Sumlin”) and Robert Nighthawk (“Robert Nighthawk Stomp”). Sprinkled in among the many original songs is a unique cover of John Coltrane’s “Equinox,” as well as signature takes on the aforementioned “Ain’t Nobody’s Business” and “I’d Rather Go Blind,” (which also features Diane Blue on vocals). Guitarist Nicholas Tabarias guests on “Rush Hour,” as well as the band original, “Jukein’.”

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The BellRays – Grand Fury (2001)

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bellKnown for their high-powered stage performances, the BellRays did the smart thing and recorded their second CD, Grand Fury, live in their rehearsal space (as they have previously). In the process, they produced a real rock & roll record, warts ‘n’ all. To get an idea what the BellRays are all about, imagine if Tina Turner had left Ike back in 1972 to front the MC5, or picture Aretha Franklin subbing for a too-stoned-to-sing Iggy Pop in the Stooges, circa 1969. Comparisons may sell them short, though, as they take their influences to another level entirely; no one sounds quite like the BellRays. “Too Many Houses in Here,” “Screwdriver,” and “Snake City” (an actual concert recording) are all get-up-and-go rockers that would put most so-called punkers to shame, while the fast and heavy sludge riffs of “Monkey House” and “Warhead” recall vintage Black Sabbath. Grand Fury has its share of hooks as well, with “They Glued Your Head on Upside-Down” and “Stupid Fuckin’ People” standing out from the pack. The dynamic “Zero P.M.,” a song dealing with racism and the spiritual reprisals that await the perpetrators, possesses a steady intensity before exploding into the punk stratosphere. “Have a Little Faith in Me,” a song with so much soul that James Brown himself would stop and take notice, is a welcome comedown in the midst of the BellRays’ (b)all(s)-out punk, gospel, and rock & roll fury.

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Ardentjohn – Waiting For The Season (2013)

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1. Waiting For The Season (5:06)
2. In The Morning (4:39)
3. I Hear You (4:07)
4. Don’t Let Me Lose Your Hand (3:08)
5. Apart (Don’t Dream Me Bad) (3:11)
6. Sky Is Opening (6:53)
7. Lady Of The Wood (3:46)
8. Blizzard (5:10)
9. Now (4:47)
10. Sleeping Soldier (6:04)

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The Blackwater Fever – The Depths (2013)

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“The Depths is our best release yet and the first we have made entirely under our own steam. It was a huge learning curve with much trial and error but in the end I think the result has vividly realised our ideas and vision. This is how we will make albums from now on.”- Shane […]

John Grant – Pale Green Ghosts [Delux Edition](2013)

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When it was time for John Grant to record the follow-up to his acclaimed debut album, The Queen of Denmark, many assumed he would return to Texas to record once again with members of Midlake. Instead, having recently visited Iceland for the Airwaves festival he decided to explore the country some more, making 80s synthpop-influenced […]

The Besnard Lakes – Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO (2013)

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The four-piece, led by husband & wife team Olga Goreas and Jace Lasek, pick up where they left off on 2010′s The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night. Though dreamy and lush — especially around Goreas’ airy vocals — the song is not without its moments of spirited bite courtesy of winding guitars and rollicking […]

VA – Bluegrass Number 1’s: A Collection Of Chart-Topping Songs (2004)

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Tracks: 01. Lonesome Wind Blues – Rhonda Vincent 02. We’re Steppin’ Out Tonight – Bobby Hicks with Del McCoury 03. Who Will Watch the Home Place? – Laurie Lewis 04. Thirty Years of Farming – James King 05. New Fool – Alison Krauss + Union Station 06. Waiting for You – J.D. Crowe & the […]