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Susan McKeown – Belong (2012)

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SUSusan McKeown  released a tantalizing new CD, Belong.It blends folk, acoustic blues, Country kickin’ beats, and slippery jazz to make a perfect blend for your lazy Sunday morning. Opening with ‘On the Bridge to Williamsburg,’ a duet with Irish singer-songwriter Declan O’Rourke, Belong is a showcase not only for McKeown’s pristine vocals, but for other musicians at the top of their game.  James Maddock (from Wood) and banjo and accordion player Dirk Powell (Irma Thomas, The Raconteurs, Joan Baez) join Susan for “Everything We Had Was Good,” a break-up song about ending well. Erin McKeown guests on “Fallen Angel.”

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Bob Wayne – Outlaw Carnie (2011)

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bobOne of the big debates in modern underground country is whether the “outlaw” style revitalized by Hank III has run its course. If you aren’t tired of it yet, then check out Bob Wayne’s Outlaw Carnie album. It may very well be the one that pushes you over the edge.The songs are a little better individually than they are as a whole. Apparently Wayne’s vision of a country outlaw involves stubbornly giving himself the victory in almost every story. Whether bragging that his band will back him up in any fight, somehow winning a blind five-against-one gunfight, or even having the ghost of Johnny Cash literally come down from the sky to save him, Wayne doesn’t seem aware of the power of songs about loss. Just look at “Mack”, the story of a ”truck-drivin’, gun totin’, meth snorting, blue collar, true American hero”. Wayne never explains what makes this murderous drug smuggler a hero, other than the fact that he’s the protagonist of the song, and that the dealer he kills happens to be worse.

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Amber Digby – The World You’re Living In (2013)

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ambIt was a year in the making, but the wait was worth it! Heart of Texas Records is now excited to release the new Amber Digby album “The World Your Living In.”
The fourteen song album features Amber’s fine vocals as well as some of Nashville’s legendary “A-team” including Lloyd Green, Pig Robbins, and Pete Wade as well as our regular players including Jim Loessberg, Dicky Overbey, Justin Trevino and Randy Lindley.
Produced by Justin Trevino, Randy Lindley & Amber Digby, “The World Your Living In” has already been called “the best Amber Digby album to date” by renowned reviewers.
The project also includes a duet with Country Music Hall of Famer Vince Gill on “The One I Can’t Live Without.” Randy Lindley also offers his vocals on the George Jones/Tammy Wynette classic “We Loved It Away.”
“Amber has really grown in this project,” Heart of Texas Records president Tracy Pitcox said. “Amber’s fans already know that she is one of the finest vocalist in the business. This new project will solidify the fact that she is here to stay and is only getting better on the journey.”

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Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac – Seinn (2012)

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Seinn is fresh and richly textured, with a nice variety of old tunes, new compositions, fiddle breakdowns, vocal ballads, all mixed and matched as these talented women saw fit. The album manages to capture the essence of that particular joy of musicians who really love playing together, and though the tunes span the emotional range […]