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Bob Dylan – Folk Singer – Humdinger [2CD] (2013)

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bdNow an internationally venerated and still sometimes audience-baffling 72 year old, Bob Dylan started to be increasingly broadly recognised as a significant songwriter and maverick entertainer between 1963 and 1965, depending on your local media coverage. For a couple of years before that he had been the new kid on the block within NYC’s Greenwich Village community of rootsy troubadours. This 45 track 2CD set reveals his developing confidence and individuality during that formative period.
They’re not all polished performances. Along with professionally produced studio recordings from which his first commercial LP was compiled in March 1962, here are historic 1961-62 live recordings from NYC stage venues and radio broadcasts. They include earliest known recordings of some of his own compositions that would carry him onward, amidst a telling repertoire of his interpretations of the folk, blues, gospel and country songs that were firing him up at the time and inspired the adolescent would-be rocker from Minnesota to become the sparky sage of sixties sub-culture leading to worldwide recognition.

Disc: 1
1. Gospel Plow
2. Hard Times in New York Town
3. Baby Let Me Follow You Down
4. Highway 51 Blues
5. Talking New York
6. Roll On John
7. Hard Travellin’
8. In My Time of Dyin’
9. You’re No Good
10. Smokestack Lightning
11. Man On the Street
12. 1913 Massacre
13. Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
14. Fixin’ to Die
15. Stealin’ Stealin’
16. Baby Please Don’t Go
17. A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall
18. Song to Woody
19. Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
20. Handsome Molly
21. Kind Hearted Woman Blues
22. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
23. House of the Rising Sun
24. Acne (Feat. Ramblin’ Jack Elliot)
25. Freight Train Blues

Disc: 2
1. Mean Old Southern Railroad (Feat. Danny Kalb)
2. Rocks and Gravel
3. Pretty Peggy-O
4. Talking Merchant Marine
5. Cocaine
6. Ain’t No More Cane On the Brazos
7. The Cuckoo
8. Sally Gal
9. Ballad of Hollis Brown
10. Omie Wise
11. Motherless Children Have a Hard Time
12. I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow
13. No More Auction Block
14. Man of Constant Sorrow
15. The Death of Emmett Till
16. Po- Lazarus
17. Moonshine Blues
18. John Brown
19. In the Pines
20. Song to Woody

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Fire + Ice – Fractured Man (2013)

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01. Fractured Man 03:40
02. Caratacus 02:03
03. Treasure House 05:20
04. Nimm 05:37
05. Have You Seen 03:47
06. Mr Wednesday 04:30
07. Verloschen 04:01
08. Jubal And Tubal Cain 03:19
09. lfsiden 04:58
10. Fractured Again 04:12

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Wild Billy Childish & The Spartan Dreggs – Coastal Command (2012)

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1. Punk Before Chips
2. A Shropshire Lad
3. So Spake the Wanderer
4. Eli the Baker
5. Punk Before Chips
6. Coastal Command
7. Transcending Utter Dreggredation
8. Radio Dreggs
9. We’ve Written Our Song

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Woody Guthrie – Woody at 100 (2012)

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Woody Guthrie defined an era and culture in transition in his Dust Bowl ballads, his outlaw tales, his work and labor songs, antiwar songs, children’s songs, political songs, and a host of love songs and songs that touched on philosophy, geography, and the hard work of living day to day in an emerging industrial world. […]

Oklahoma Blues – Tribute To JJ Cale (2010)

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This tribute recasts JJ Cale’s songs across a wide range of Roots music styles – from the contemporary electric Blues of Jimmy Hall and Swamp Cabbage over the Nashville sounds of Dixie Tabernacle to the arena-sized Led Zeppelin-styled Rock of Rufus Huff, and the acapela soul of The Persuasions. Tracks: 01. Money Talks (5:46) 02. […]