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Bex Marshall – The House of Mercy (2012)

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bexStrong vocals and seriously good musicianship inhabit The House of Mercy from the first track to the last. It’s a combination of up-tempo blues and Americana, with a toe or two dipped into the world of gospel.There’s a pretty impressive line-up of musicians on this album with Bex. Legendary dobro master BJ Cole, Jake the Bass from Hayseed Dixie (worked with them last year at Cropredy festival and they were monster good,)The Reno Brothers (Don Wayne and Dale), harmonica maestro Steve Lockwood, fiddle queen Eileen Healy, Nashville blues artist Brigitte De Meyer, gospel singer Shola Adegoraye, keyboard man Toby Baker, bassists Barry Payne, Jake Byers (of Hayseed Dixie) and Gary Choules, perussionist Danny Bryan, drummer Crispin Taylor, banjo man Don Wayne and a certain Barry Marshall-Everitt pops up on harmonica – he of The House of Mercy radio show and Bex’s husband.

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Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys – Ready for Boredom (2013)

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bedSydney’s Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys are definitely a rock band, and listening to Ready For Boredom, there’s no disputing they’ve heard a lot of it.These guys have gotten better and better since they first started pushing their gear to shows in shopping trolleys a few years ago. It’s well played, heartfelt and smart. A mix of stuff like the Replacements, Faces, Husker Du, Thin Lizzy can be heard but they cross it with a charming awkwardness and worrying about their future a lot.

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Whiskey Shivers – Rampa Head (2012)

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whWhiskey Shivers sounds as if it just emerged from deep in the woods – barefoot, loud, and with little sense of propriety.
Even with proper introduction, live or from the band’s two CDs, you might think the same, only these locals are blazing a path through Downtown streets to the country-fried heart of Austin.Rampa Head, quick turnaround to 2011′s Batholith, is a lightning-fast trip down dirt roads, opener Way Downtown a banjo-plucked cautionary anthem originally by Doc Watson concerning the trouble one can find in city centers. Whiskey Shivers has a lot to say about the freewheeling, trouble-free lifestyle.

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The Sensitive Drunks – Hill and Hay (2012)

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The Sensitive Drunks ,indie group have put out something that sounds like a hybrid of The Beach Boys, Arctic Monkeys, and a touch of Two Door Cinema Club.Such a band is the Sensitive Drunks out of Perth, West Australia who admit their brief was the songs should be fun and catchy, they should not take […]

Aaron Neville – My True Story [Repost@320] (2013)

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in soul

My True Story started out as Aaron Neville’s “doo-wop project” but became something else. On a promotional video made for the album, Blue Note label president and album co-producer Don Was tells part of the story. He gathered a list of about 100 possible tunes to record, went over them with Neville and selected the […]