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The Coloradas – The Coloradas (2012)

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colRoy Davis and the Dregs’ alt-country flavored Deadweight (2008) was one of those nuggets that make listening to all the “free” music worthwhile. Davis and company (some old and some new) shift gears on The Coloradas’ self-titled debut swerving into the bluegrass lane while retaining much of what initially made a fan. Davis is a talented songwriter with a voice that at times recalls Jeff Tweedy and (early pre-falsetto) Ryan Adams but The Coloradas is more of a band effort than Davis’ previous albums and might have more in common with Gillian Welch and David Rawlings’ take on rural music than the previous mentioned alt-country icons.  Frequent collaborator Bernie Nye handles lead vocals on several tracks including the questionably optimistic hardluck  “A Brand New Day”.

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Darren Eedens – Cardboard Caribous & Artificial Trees V.I (2012)

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Darren Eedens is a bluegrass musician, sometimes he plays banjo, but the rest of the time he does not.

1. Shadows (05:32)
2. Cardboard Caribous (03:31)
3. Porcelain Doll (02:53)
4. Damn Ditty (05:07)
5. Killed a Man (03:36)
6. Throw My Body (03:29)

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The Wheel Workers – Past To Present (2013)

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wThe Wheel Workers are an indie rock band from Houston, TX on ZenHill Records with progressive values.


1. Power 05:03
2. Past to Present 04:51
3. Chemicals 03:33
4. Starve the Beast 04:26
5. Older Now 03:10
6. Drone 04:49
7. Fine Time 04:14
8. Compromise 03:54
9. Animals 06:15
10. Rainbows 04:17
11. Somebody Else 03:46
12. Want 05:00

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Ian McFeron Band – Fistfight With Father Time (2006)

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In 2005 McFeron released his sophomore record, “A Long Way To Freedom.” McFeron is a lyrical singer/songwriter in the tradition of such folk greats as Bob Dylan and Paul Simon and such contemporary favorites as Ryan Adams and David Gray. McFeron (vocals, acoustic guitars, piano) is accompanied by the Texas Fiddle of Alisa Milner, the […]

Ian McNabb – Little Episodes (2012)

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Little Episodes is the ninth studio album from McNabb, in almost 20 years. There are very few artists in the UK who work as hard as McNabb, in terms of recording, or indeed performing. So, why is he so woefully undervalued? Aside from a handful of the most switched-on radio presenters (Long, Kershaw, Radcliffe, Maconie […]

The Fisticuffs -You ll Not Take Us Alive (2011)

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The Fisticuffs are back with their third album “You’ll Not Take Us Alive”. Angrier than ever, a “show no mercy” attitude can be found all along the album, at least at first hearing.Some changes of personnel/guests have occurred between “Neatly Stumblin’” and “You’ll Not Take Us Alive”. Original bassist Brandon Simmons has been replaced by […]