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Sunday Valley – To the Wind and On To Heaven (2011)

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sunSunday Valley is fronted by South-Eastern Kentucky native, Sturgill Simpson. His pure tenor has brought comparisons to noteworthy artists from the same region such as Ralph Stanley, Roscoe Holcomb, Keith Whitley, and his own distant relative, Dock Boggs. As a songwriter, Simpson rides the razor’s edge in terms of raw vulnerability. The deceptively simple nature of his lyrical imagery harkens back to a period when country music was simple, honest, and unaffected. Simpson plays forcefully, bringing the controlled intensity usually associated with traditional mountain music to the electric guitar. The “high, loud, & lonesome” Sunday Valley sound is rounded out by a sturdy, intimidating, and highly conditioned rhythm section, bassist & backing vocalist Gerald Evans, and drummer Edgar Purdom. Their innovative, Bluegrass inspired sound paired with a reputation for exhaustive live shows quickly earned them the honor of being voted “The Best Band in Kentucky”.

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White Cowbell Oklahoma – Buenas Nachas (2012)

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WHITELegendary Canadian rock armada White Cowbell Oklahoma return with their most ambitious
album to date. Bolstered by a tight new lineup, Buenas Nachas incorporates a breakneck mix of
pulverizing riff-rockers and progressive Tex-Mex rollers. Kosmische motorik musik à la Ennio
Morricone (via Jacksonville and San Antonio)? Some might say.Critically-acclaimed earlier WCO releases Cencerro Blanco (2003) and Casa Diablo (2006) drew heavy inspiration from southern/Texas/classic rock traditions, while
Bombardero (2009) saw the band entering Space-Prog territory. On Buenas Nachas the band
travels further south than ever before, crossing the Nuevo Laredo border without looking back. Countless rock n roll thrills and lurid side-trips ensue. Spirit guide recommended.White Cowbell Oklahoma, featuring new blood from several well-known Toronto bands, rage across Europe and North America through 2012 and 2013. The band is already known for its unprecedented live show — which often features extended jams, near-riots, plus unorthodox power tool usage . WCO allegedly have many new aces up their sleeves. Bring protection.

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Alan Morse – Four O’Clock & Hysteria (2007/2012)

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ALANFour O’clock & Hysteria is the first solo album by Alan Morse, well known as lead guitarist extraordinaire of Spock’s Beard. With Spock’s Beard, Morse has released nine successful studio albums and a pair of live CD / DVDs. He has also played in the past with Spencer Davies, Chad & Jeremy and even Chuck Norris. The instrumental tracks on Four O’clock And Hysteria feature brother Neal (keyboards and acoustic guitars) and all of the Spock’s Beard members.

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The Delta Saints – Death Letter Jubilee (2013)

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Nashville five piece The Delta Saints’ first full-length LP Death Letter Jubilee is a blues-rock record that alternates between wild rock and beautiful acoustic poems. This album takes you from feeling like you’re driving a Cadillac to Vegas before effortlessly changing tracks, casting your mind into the ocean, peacefully heading out to sea.The album busts […]

The Vespers – The Fourth Wall (2012)

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The Fourth Wall is only the quartet’s second album and, like their first release, 2010′s “Tell Your Mama,” also an independent effort, their competence – and confidence – is all the more impressive. The title is taken from theatrical jargon that delineates the unseen divide through which an audience observes the performers on stage, an […]

John Renbourn – Palermo Snow (2011)

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One of the pioneers of folk/jazz fusion with Pentangle and one of the world’s pre-eminent guitarists draws on recent travels to explore new, more romantic harmonic horizons, blending tradition and originality in brilliant new guitar pieces.From the sounds absorbed on trips to Sicily, strains heard in Jelly Roll Morton’s music, chord voicings from Erik Satie […]