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Stan McMahon – La Di Da (2012)

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Meg Baird – Seasons On Earth (2011)

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Solo album from the folk, singer/songwriter and leader of Espers. Seasons On Earth reflects on at least a dozen or so of the things we call seasons. Their passing has clearly left her the stronger for it. Meg is a thoughtful, spiritual, scientific and skeptical young woman who hears from and speaks back to the world in music. The pristine quality of her voice is the face whose placidity conceals a tangle of thoughts and sensations, and the guitar behind it conveys those complexities with tenacity and clear articulation.

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Ry Cooder – Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down (2011)

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New album from the globe-trotting composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. On this album, Cooder leaves behind the fantastical yarn-spinning, the magical realism, and allegorical tunes of his acclaimed, Grammy Award-nominated California trilogy-Chavez Ravine (2005), My Name Is Buddy (2007), and I, Flathead (2008) – for the most forthright album of his career. The 14 songs on Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down are, by turns, angry, outraged, bitterly funny, and deeply poignant. With brilliant, Woody Guthrie-like directness and a healthy dollop of satire, Cooder’s lyrics address the often-sorry state of our domestic affairs: the bank bailout, the anti-immigration movement, the ever-growing gap between rich and poor, and the never-ending war in the Middle East and its devastating physical and emotional toll on young soldiers.

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North Country – Pickin’ on Bob Dylan – Bluegrass Tribute (2006)

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Tracklist: 1. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door 2. Love Sick 3. Times They Are A-Changin’ 4. Forever Young 5. Like a Rolling Stone 6. Tangled Up in Blue 7. All Along the Watchtower 8. She Belongs to Me 9. Blowin’ in the Wind 10. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right 11. I Shall Be Released 12. […]

Thomas Belhom – Rocèphine (2012)

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Thomas Belhom is a singer, percussionist and songwriter who draws beautiful landscapes of sounds. His new album, Rocéphine, is evocative of Robert Wyatt’s Rock Bottom, although it was very much inspired by the many gracious encounters he’s had in his carreer: along with Calexico and Tindersticks, Rocephine is a step forward to his self encounter. […]