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Sweet Diss and the Comebacks – Emerald City Love Song (2012)

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SWFrom Washington state comes a daring sophomore album from Sweet Diss and the Comebacks. The brainchild of Nate Reinauer and its so good, you’ll need many repeat listens. The band has vocal skills similar to The Beach Boys or The Sonic Executive Sessions, with the melodic guitar fuzz of Weezer and Green Day. It also reminded me a little of Kara’s Flowers (later they became Maroon 5). The album’s sole concept is about “getting the girl” and opening with the crisp a capella “Twenty-Something” it shows off stunning four part harmonies.

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American Music Club – San Francisco (1994)

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ameRegrettably, with their final effort, San Francisco, American Music Club went out with a whimper, not a bang. An undeveloped, erratic collection of songs, the record suffers under the weight of overly slick, commercial arrangements, and production which renders tracks like “It’s Your Birthday,” “Wish the World Away,” and “Hello Amsterdam” as bland alterna-rock; only the effervescent “Can You Help Me?” manages to absorb and transcend its glossy pop veneer. Still, Mark Eitzel goes down swinging, conjuring a handful of haunting gems — the best cuts on San Francisco, from the luminous opener “Fearless.” to the achingly tender “The Thorn in My Side Is Gone,” are also the most simple; AMC never needed adornment, just a sympathetic ear.

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Restavrant – Yeah, I Carve Cheetahs (2012)

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RERestavrant have created a visionary and positively indiosyncratic sound which involves both sides of the musical coin, so to speak. With bluesy slide guitar and countrified pickin’, gritty megaphone  vocal delivery, harmonica, the layers provided by  loop station programming, the catchy electric vibe of a keyboard, and the clank, tap and stomp of a  junkyard drum kit, these two churn out something  that is equal parts organic and mechanical, and equal parts rustic and urban. In nearly every way  this is a combo that should not work, but somehow it does. It works remarkably well, in fact; so much so that Restavrant are now preparing to release the follow-up to their well-received 2008 debut Returns to the Tomb of Guiliano Medidici, at last.

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Luka Bloom – This New Morning (2012)

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On This New Morning, Bloom continues to shake up the genre with clever chord sequences and arrangements, while still retaining folk’s core values of story-telling and commentary.Bloom is primarily known in Ireland as a solo guitar and mic man. Here, he has gathered together a Who’s Who from the Irish folk pantheon. This New Morning […]

Davy Graham – Folk, Blues & Beyond [1964] (Reissue 2005)

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One of the most important recordings from the 1960s folk revival. Newly remastered featuring original artwork, five bonus tracks from two rare EPs and unpublished photographs. mp3 320 kbps + Covers | 156 MB | UL