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Dalannah Gail Bowen – Them Menz (2012)

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Rollicking electric blues with heavy jazz and funk infusions from Vancouver powerhouse vocalist. On her third album, Bowen’s pipes wrap naturally and masterly around styles ranging from raging barrelhouse rave-ups to swampy New Orleans grooves and everything in between.

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The Curse – Suck It In Spit It Out (2012)

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Joy Kills Sorrow – This Unknown Science (2011)

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Joy Kills Sorrow’s debut album ‘Darkness Sure Becomes This City’ is a strong contemporary American folk album from a young group of musicians, but over the past couple of years they’ve grown, matured and developed as a band.  The results of this are easy to see on ‘This Unknown Science’, and this new album is a standout in modern American roots music.First and foremost, this is an acoustic roots album performed by a tight group of stellar musicians, but it’s obvious the 5 members of the band have grown up listening to a huge range of music as the influences of pop, indie-rock and jazz are easy to see in places, and they seamlessly integrate into the natural and organic sound presented by Joy Kills Sorrow.The songs are all presented by Emma Beaton’s distinct vocals – smooth and unforced, she glides in and around the musical backing in a unique way giving the band their unique sound.If the vocals mark the band out as different, then the songwriting is also worthy of note, bass player Bridget Kearney has a great turn of phrase, and an eye for the unusual situation – these are songs that really stand out from the crowd with some unique settings and ideas.Add the combined musical talents of Jacob Joliff (mandolin), Matthew Acara (guitar) and Wesley Corbett (banjo) into the mix and you have one of the finest group of young traditional musicians around.

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Jonathan Wilson – Pity, Trials And Tomorrow’s Child (2012)

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Tracks: 01 – Isn’t It A Pity 02 – Trials Of Jonathan 03 – Tomorrow’s Child mp3 320 kbps | 35 MB | UL

Wes Swing – Through A Fogged Glass (2011)

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Wes Swing is a trained violinist (from age 4), a trained cellist, winner of the 2008 First Amendment Writes songwriting competition and a true experimentalist. Swing makes music that is calming, relaxed and chilled. This is something that could soundtrack a night in with a bottle of red, an intimate dinner or a slow, sleepy […]