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John Convertino – Ragland (2005)

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Calexico drummer John Convertino’s first solo release, Ragland, is a journey into bleak ambiance, the soundtrack to a dusty, dusky desert neo-surrealist movie that has yet to be produced. A set of twelve piano-driven compositions, Ragland finds Convertino experimenting with jazz and classical motifs to create a series of elegies laced with raw emotionality. Recorded entirely at Convertino’s Tucson home using eight-track technology, Ragland ranges from the chiming piano and jazzy brush drums of the opening “Curb” to the delicate, sophisticated piano solo “End Thee,” from the restrained, smoldering rhythms of “Piston” to the explosive, damning percussion of “Bell Curves,” from the sinister classical-jazz hybrid “Street Turn River” to the emotive Western jazz sketch “Comb Your Hair With Water and Get to Church.” Ragland is a subtle, atmospheric collection that is both clever and sentimental in the best possible ways.

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