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Aaron Embry – Tiny Prayers (2012)

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Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes happen to be one of the quirkiest and amazing acts in music today.  Their touring piano player, Aaron Embry, who has been “in the game” a while in his own right, released a new album Tiny Prayers on September 18th.  This new album is a delight from start to finish with a collection of Americana music.  Influenced by some of the most foundational music in the 20th century, Embry highlights a number of American styles from country to blues and even roots rock.  This is a must-have album for fans of Americana music.

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Tin Horn Prayer – Grapple the Rails (2012)

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Sometimes there are just songs you have to hear. The jangly and sweetly affecting “Stumble,” from Tin Horn Prayer’s sophomore album Grapple the Rails is one such song. Anchored by circular guitars and a playful bounce that invites hip-shaking and beer-swilling, the song has a swerve and zest that is absolutely unshakeable. That sense of swerve and zest is revisited in the punchy “Call a Priest,” which teems with punk energy; the frenetic and frisky “Body in My Basement,” which somehow makes hiding a cadaver sound charming; and “All’s Well That Ends,” a smoking and steamy affair that indubitably showcases the Colorado sextet’s mastery at work. Grapple the Rails‘ most commercial effort is “Rosie,” a driving march of a song, which features vocals from Hot Water Music’s Chuck Ragan. While the song is a bit of an anomaly stacked up against the rest of the record, it serves itself well and doesn’t veer off too far into no man’s land. Fans of Ragan will find something to like here and that small statement should not go unnoticed. Sometimes a well-placed guest spot can open up doors and “Rosie,” might be the sound of that proverbial door-opening.

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Phantom Buffalo – Tadaloora (2012)

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Albums quartet Portland, Phantom Buffalo, hold a special place in our hearts, stored carefully in romantic minimalist pop, with The Clientele, fire Luna, the first Belle & Sebastian and The Bats.

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Eric Steckel – Dismantle The Sun (2012)

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On Dismantle the Sun, Steckel’s songs range from a majority of unabashed vocal-pelting, foot-stomping manifestos to a couple of more low-key tracks marked by evocative feelings of meaning and consequence. All throughout, Steckel’s nuanced vocals and expert lead fretwork form a substantial backbone to the record, providing a strong foundation for additional layering with other […]

Irene Reid – The Queen of the Party (2012)

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Here is a program featuring Irene, the Mighty Burner, Eric Alexander and the rest of the crew doing what Irene did best the Uptown Blues. With her all-star Band, Irene’s wit, sassy delivery and love of life is evident in every track. mp3 320 kbps | 145 MB | UL | TB

Dropkick Murphys – Signed And Sealed in Blood (2013)

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Boston-based band Dropkick Murphys with the return release of their forthcoming album, Signed And Sealed In Blood, via the band’s long-running label, Born and Bred Record via CoOperative Music. The album is their second with producer Ted Hutt (Gaslight Anthem), which was recorded at Boston’s Q Division studios and mixed by Joe Chiccarelli (The White […]

Golden Smog – Another Fine Day (2006)

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Jeff Tweedy might carry the name recognition, but the rest of his band-on-the-side carries the mail on the fourth release from this Midwest all-star group. Though the Wilco leader teams with the Jayhawks’ Gary Louris on a pair of nimble pop songs–the elegantly strummed “Listen Joe” and Kinks cover “Strangers”–it’s Louris who’s clearly at the […]

Eric Andersen – Blue River [1972] (Japan Reissue 2005)

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Blue River is the 1972 album from Folk rock musician Eric Andersen. The album was recorded in Nashville, and is a regarded as a landmark recording for the Singer-songwriter/Folk rock genre. Guest musician Joni Mitchell contributes vocals on the title track “Blue River” Tracklist: 01. Is It Really Love At All 02. Pearl’s Goodtime Blues […]

Bucky Covington – Good Guys (2012)

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Great songs, classic voice. Little country, little rock, great lyrics. mp3 320 kbps | 94 MB | UL