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Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three – Middle of Everywhere (2011)

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Middle Of Everywhere is LaFarge’s fourth album with The Three South City. Before he started playing with them, he made two solo albums. This accompanying  trio of Adam Hoskins (guitar), Joey Glynn (bass) and Ryan Koenig (drums, washboard and harmonica). Hoskins and Koenig are also responsible for those harmony vocals.

All thirteen songs,on Middle Of Everywhere,  are written by Lafarge itself, while they all have a ‘feel’ that they only way 80 years ago could have been written. What you hear is because an authentic mix of country, blues and jazz from that time. Western Swing so late. “Let ‘because of the influences of the Blues and the presence of wind instruments  (cornet and trombone).

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Yo La Tengo – Fade (2013)

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Fade is the new studio album from Yo La Tengo which will be releasing on Tuesday, January 15, 2013 (Monday, January 14 in Europe),on Matador Records.The 10 song collection, arguably the most focused and cohesive output from Ira, Georgia and James to date, is a tapestry of fine melody and elegant noise, rhythmic shadow- play and shy-eyed orchestral beauty, songcraft and experimentation. ‘Fade”s lyrical themes of aging, tragedy and emotional bonds are woven intro a fully-realized whole ; the results are direct, personal and more than a little uplifting.

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