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David Gelman – All Roads Lead Here (2011)

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New Yorker David Gelman is a new but not so young singer-songwriter who is only now with his debut album “All Roads Lead Here”. He then applies twelve original songs that were composed almost all together with Colleen Babington who was responsible for the lyrics, while David Gelman himself for all the music recorded.He plays himself on acoustic guitar or piano in this country and inspired pop songs, while he was shooting for in a studio in New York, assisted by several local musicians including Ann Klein (from the band of Ani DiFranco) on electric guitar, mandolin and lap steel guitar, David Mansfield (for example by T. Bone Burnett and Bob Dylan) on violin Dino and Sammy Lakes, also including Loudon Wainwright III and Joan Osborne heard on drums.

“All Roads Lead Here” begins with a melancholic song “Take Me Home” in which the violin as the main accompanying instrument sounds, something more then just being put in the second song “Looking Back”. In the slower, acoustic ballads “Mosaic”, “I’ll Always Be Around” and “Safe Return” seems the voice of David Gelman our opinion that some of James Taylor.We love it here especially the piano ballad “Let It Rain” which David Gelman beautiful singing, the Dylan esque folk ballad “It May Take Time” with good lap steel guitar work of Ann Klein, emotional singing country song “Falling Out Of Love”. The best song we find it fun swinging on a repetitive guitar riff driving “City Streets”, which backing vocalists, and Tabitha Fair Amanda Homi their best performance (s) allowed to continue.David Gelman on this debut album brings fun, easy-listening and laid back singing songs that singer-songwriter living witness to his abilities as a songwriter and singer.

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Dave Goodman & Steve Baker – The Wine Dark Sea (2012)

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Dave Goodman – guitars, banjo, bass, vocals
Steve Baker – harmonica, backing vocals
Martin Rottger – cajon, drums
Oliver Spanuth – drums

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Willy Mason – Carry On (2012)

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Willy Mason’s decision to work with MIA producer Dan Carey on his third album might suggest a man still running scared of the “new Dylan” hype that blighted his early career. But Carry On sticks to familiar virtues; Mason’s gravelly tones are set to rootsy guitars and Carey exercises a light touch, adding subtle ambient feints and a slight production sheen – edging the lovely Shadows in the Dark towards the middle of the road. That’s no problem: Mason doesn’t share the ascetic’s fear of a sweetly turned chorus and there’s already enough emotional depth to his storytelling without overplaying his ragged edges.

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Zachary Richard – Le Fou (2012)

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Le Fou is Zachary’s 20th album. Going back to his roots, this album is steeped in the sounds and rhythms of Louisana. The texture is acoustic folk. The songs simple yet rich in emotion. The themes of resistance (Laisse le vent souffler – Let the storm wind blow), of separation (La chanson des migrateurs – […]

Richmond Fontaine – Thirteen Cities (2007)

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2007: the snap-pocket shirts, sideburns, literary leanings and pedal steels of alt-country are simply memories from the ’90s. Movement hero and harbinger Jeff Tweedy has led Wilco far from the decade-old roots rock rusticisms of Being There, finding purchase in experimental landscapes dotted with the detritus of modern living. Many have forgotten that Ryan Adams […]

Amparo Sanchez – Tucson-Habana (2010)

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When Spanish singer Amparo Sanchez  made her first British appearance, six years ago, it was as at a memorable show at the Royal Festival Hall in which her band, Amparanoia, provided the support for the Arizona indie rockers Calexico, who then invited her to join them on stage. The Sanchez-Calexico connection has continued ever since, […]

Mike Cooley – The Fool On Every Corner (2012)

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Mike Cooley, known for his work with Southern rockers Drive-By Truckers, has announced the release of his debut solo album The Fool On Every Corner. The release was recorded by longtime Drive-By Truckers’ producer David Barbe during a three-show run last March, beginning with a two-night stand at the Atlanta rock club The Earl and […]

Bobby Flores – Fast Company (2011)

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Bobby Flores is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, arranger, producer, composer and first call session musician.  He studied music theory and classical violin at Trinity University under the late Domenick Saltarelli, jazz guitar with Jackie King and classical guitar with David Underwood.  Bobby is featured on over four hundred albums, CD’s and singles, including performances with numerous […]

Cross Canadian Ragweed – Garage (2005)

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Cross Canadian Ragweed was an American Red Dirt/Texas Country/Country rock band. The name of the band came from the combination of three band members’ names, Grady Cross (guitar), Cody Canada (guitar, vocals), and Randy Ragsdale (drums). Jeremy Plato’s (bass) name was not involved in the band naming. In response to rumors of preceding bassist, Matt […]