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Allison Ann – The Introduction of Allison Ann (2012)

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Angela Desveaux – Wandering Eyes (2006)

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This Canadian singer-songwriter’s brilliant voice has drawn comparisons to Lucinda Williams. “Wandering Eyes” is a sparkling country debut that highlights both Desveaux’s voice and her poignant songwriting, inspired by Gillian Welch and Lucinda Williams with an alt-country twist. Her band includes members of Wooden Stars, Arcade Fire, Strange Attractors, GYBE, and Hangedup. Engineered by Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire) and produced by Brian Paulson (Slint, Superchunk, Wilco).

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John Reischman & The Jaybirds – Vintage & Unique (2011)

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Now celebrating a decade together, the quintet of musicians comprising John Reischman & The Jaybirds demonstrate why familiarity breeds transcendence on this, their fifth album. Bluegrass, and bluegrass-tinged folk and country are the group’s calling cards, and though they certainly sparkle in romping through a joyous, fiddle-fired (courtesy Greg Spatz) celebration of the traditional “Shady Grove” to lead off the festivities and later in getting deep and foreboding on Bill Monroe’s breakup lament, “The First Whippoorwill” (with guitarist Jim Nunally contributing a pinched, nasally lead vocal that evokes Mr. Bill about as well as anyone has in recent memory, and both fiddler Spatz and mandolin master Reischman shining on to-the-point solos), the original tunes most recommend Vintage & Unique—always a central strength of this outfit, the various band members who contributed new songs went above and beyond the call of duty this time around.Bassist/vocalist Trisha Gagnon, outstanding in all respects throughout the album, has a couple of inspired originals to consider, including the frantic “Hurry Up and Harvest,” a fleet-fingered exercise for Reischman (mandolin), Spatz (fiddle) and Nick Hornbuckle (banjo) that is otherwise a happy, upbeat but cautionary tale advising a devoted fisherman to first bring in the crops before the possums do it for him, while leaving the fish to their habitats until the more important task is completed.

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Steven Graves – Matter of Time (2012)

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Phillip Roebuck – Fever Pitch (2006)

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“A stone-cold classic performer that blasts all other singer-songwriters out of their soporific, arrogant, self-obsessed torpor with his pinpoint melodies, frantic enthusiasm and homespun, heartfelt wordplay, one-man-band Roebuck’s lightning fast banjo (dude can shred quicker than Kerry King man!) and incessant hotstepping to the beat really will get your juices flowing. Aided by yet another […]

Twinsistermoon – Bogyrealm Vessels (2012)

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Twinsistermoon is the solo project of Natural Snow Buildings cofounder Mehdi Ameziane, and is subsequently the benefactor of the massive cult following that NSB has accrued since forming in 1997. With a string of limited releases on a variety of credible labels such as Blackest Rainbow and Digitalis, both Medhi and his counterpart Solange Gularte […]