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Dylan Parker – Breath,Smiles.Tears Of All My Life (2012)

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The Wave Pictures – Catching Light – The Songs Of André Herman Düne (2006)

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Combine the song-writing genius of Jonathan Richman (plus a touch of his wondrous naivety), the lo-fi humility of Herman Dune and a few guitar moments that Springsteen himself would be proud of, and you get close to the underexposed marvels on display here. Imagination, humour, melodies and chords, twangy basslines of beauty. These things will make you grin. They are a loveable band. The kind of band whose songs you put on all mixtapes, who you urge your friends to listen to. The kind of band you send panties to…

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Emmylou Harris – Light Of The Stable [Original recording remastered] (2004)

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Light of the Stable debuted in 1979, with a title track featuring backing vocals from Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, and Dolly Parton. The sublime Rodney Crowell-penned “Angel Eyes,” composed specially for this album, features Rick Skaggs on mandolin and Skaggs and Willie Nelson on vocal harmony, and is just one of many highlights. This radiant acoustic masterpiece–graced throughout with the presence of stellar guests–features both contemporary and traditional gems, and is now expanded with three newly recorded songs.

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Sufjan Stevens – Silver & Gold: Songs For Christmas (2012)

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Silver & Gold: Songs for Christmas Vols. 6-10, a 5-EP Sufjan Stevens Christmas boxset.The box follows his first five volumes of Songs for Christmas with five more EPs that were recorded between 2006 and 2010. Interspersed between the holiday classics are 18 original songs, many of which were written in collaboration with musical guests. Those […]

Pentangle – The Lost Broadcasts 1968-1972 [2CD] (2004)

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This Double CD of Pentangle’s BBC Recordings is Comprised Primarily of Rare and Previously Unheard Tracks. From 1968 to 1973 Pentangle were Prolific Session Guests on BBC Radio, their Unique Fusion of Sounds Providing Access to Programmes Covering Folk, Pop and Progressive Rock. When BBC Cupboards were Trawled for These Recordings in the Early Nineties […]