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Kitty, Daisy and Lewis – Kitty, Daisy and Lewis (2008)

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Kentish Town siblings Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are a group of highly talented and original musicians who play more or less anything they can lay their hands on. Their musical references and skills are rooted in the old tradition where songs and music are handed down, played and enjoyed at gatherings of family and friends. From a very young age Kitty, Daisy & Lewis’ performances have been blowing away and inspiring audiences, building up an impressive fan base from the likes of Amy Winehouse, Chris Martin and Eagles Of Death Metal to Dustin Hoffman and Ewan McGregor.At their packed live shows there’s no compromise when Kitty‘s howling harmonica solos backed by Daisy‘s solid rhythm on a battered snare-drum and Lewis‘ snapping guitar work drive crowds into a Southern Evangelical frenzy. The trio jump from one instrument to another, which range from piano, lap steel, banjos, ukulele, accordion, xylophone, trombone to name but a few.

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Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top Xpress – New Bluegrass And Old Heartaches (2012)

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Bluegrass old-timer Bobby Osborne was half of the famous Osborne Brothers duo, whose 1960’s heyday led them into the Pop and Country charts. Although his brother retired years ago, Bobby Osborne has been plugging away and continues to release refined, traditionally oriented records like this one, with a strong repertoire which includes new material by fiddler Glen Duncan (who anchors this album with sweet, sympathetic accompaniment) as well as a few tunes by Jake Landers and some other writers signed up with Osborne’s Rocky Top publishing company. There’s also a previously unrecorded original,”The Last Bridge You’ll Ever Burn,” a great song that Osborne wrote in the ’70s but only produced in demo form. This is nice, classic stuff — the tempo is generally slow and the energy level isn’t as explosive as the old days, but Osborne has found a strong vocal partner in his son, Bobby Jr., who adds that special family-harmony sound, and the musicianship is solid throughout. Definitely worth a spin.

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Mary Gauthier – Live At Blue Rock (2012)

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Mary Gauthier has been thrilling audiences for over a decade and now this week she is back with the release of her first live recording.Gauthier took to the stage in Austin, Texas for this album and the result is a powerful and emotional collection of tracks that sees the singer at her vocal best.This is raw performance from Gauthier from start to finish and it is not until you hear her live that you truly appreciate how great a vocalist she is.Live At Blue Rock is a collection of songs that tell stories and are about people for example Karla Faye is about murderer Karla Faye Tucker who was executed after spending over a decade on death row.The instrumentation on the tracks is just as important as the vocal and the guitar and fiddle really do play a very big part in bringing the stories in these songs to live.If you are coming to Mary Gauthier’s music for the very first time than Live At Blue Rock is a collection of many of her best known songs – not to mention you are hearing this artist at her finest.

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The Jim Jones Revue – The Savage Heart (2012)

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On The Savage Heart, the band’s third studio LP, Jones and his cohorts have broadened their scope a little, adding to the frenzied blues stomp they’ve become known for with forays into doo-wop ballads and call-and-response hollers. There’s still an over-riding sense that these tracks are waiting to be heard on stage before they can […]