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Ian Siegal – Candy Store Kid (2012)

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British blues guitar man Ian Siegal returned again to the beloved Zebra Ranch studios in the north Mississippi hill country to record the follow up to his very successful album The Skinny and emerged with an even better and bigger band sound on the new album Candy Store Kid.Once again Siegal is joined by youngest son Cody Dickinson, who produced and mixed the album while also supplying pile driving drums and additional keyboards and guitars; he is a true jack of all trades. Dickinson’s brother Luther adds superb slide guitar to the mix with Alvin Youngblood Hart and Garry Burnside rounding out the Mudblood band. The nine new songs at two covers roll out like well worn classics from a bygone age. These are not your typical blues tunes, but rather a spicy gumbo of funk, soul, and country and swamp rock.Throughout  Siegel’s voice evokes a mixture of Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters and Iggy Pop, delivering lyrics that are often Dylan-esque and full of metaphorical alliterations. It seems Ian Siegal has truly captured lightning in a bottle with his foray to the hill country and is blessed to find kindred spirits in the Mudbloods. A kid in a candy store indeed.

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Ben Harper – By My Side [Retrospective](2012)

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By My Side is a twelve song retrospective of unforgettable ballads by genre-bending, Grammy®-winning musician and songwriter, Ben Harper. Featuring songs personally selected by Harper, By My Side includes classics like Forever, Diamonds On The Inside and Waiting On An Angel. By My Side also introduces a brand new recording called Crazy Amazing as well as a never-before-released studio version of Not Fire Not Ice. This is Ben Harper s first-ever career-spanning compilation.

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Evan Johns & The H-Bombs – Bombs Away (1989)

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Jerry Lee Lewis worshiper (who claims to have blown his hero off the stage on a good night!) and certified lunatic of the geetar, Evan Johns simply personifies the most incendiary and rebellious elements of rock’n’roll. A teenaged Virginia hellion who apprenticed in the DC bar circuit under the legendary Danny Gatton, Johns formed the H-Bombs in 1979 and made the reelin’ rockabilly 10-inch Giddy Up Girl in 1980. The H-Bombs backed Eugene Chadbourne on the berserk, twisted Vermin of the Blues before making the relatively polished and consistently superb Bombs Away. Producer (and Springsteen sideman) Gary Tallent manages to squeeze the band into a clear, vibrant framework without obliterating the trademark hog-wild spirit of Johns’ best outings.

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Paul Banks – Banks (2012)

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New album of the lead singer of the band Interpol. mp3 320 kbps | 91 MB | UL

Giua+Corsi – TrE (2012)

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Guia – vocal, guitar Armando Corsi – guitar, piano, vocal Marco Fadda – bombo, street percussion, zucca bass, darbuka, talking drum, ferri, molle, calebass, yabara, cajon, cabassa, scope Fausto Mesolella – guitar Mario Arcari – clarinet Riccardo Tesi – organetto diatonico Jaques Morelenbaum – cello Noezhan – percussion Anita Macchiavvello – vocal Claudio Taddei – […]

Ana Egge – River Under the Road (1997)

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The debut from this New Mexican singer-songwriter blends a country twang with a folkie’s lyrical weight. Buttressed by Austin’s heavyweight musical community and Dave Sanger’s crisp production, Egge is free to roam through the fields of her New Mexico home with a whispering, crystalline voice reminiscent of her inspiration Shawn Colvin. For whatever reason, Egge […]