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Mount Carmel – Real Women (2012)

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Mount Carmel brings back the spirit of 1973 like no one else. The only difference now is better weed and shittier barbiturates.The sound, the songs, the vocals, the production, this is total hard / blues / southern rock nirvana for folks who dig shit like Humble Pie, Zeppelin, Cream, ZZ Top, Skynrand and Ten Years After .

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Angel Olsen – Half Way Home (2012)

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Half Way Home is a continuation of her elegance brought forth on Strange Cacti, a collection of both new and old music, honed and matured, thoughts revisisted. We’re hearing this same beautiful girl with that same beautiful voice, this time brought up to a new level, in no doubt a growth and reach brought on by several roadtrips with the one and only Bonnie “Prince” Billy and crew.

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Butch Thompson & Pat Donohue – Vicksburg Blues (2012)

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Vicksburg Blues (Red House Records) is the first collaboration between pianist and clarinetist Butch Thompson and singer-guitarist Pat Donohue.This stunning 19-track album features songs by Leroy Carr, Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver, Blind Blake and Butch s mentor–blues legend Little Brother Montgomery. Woven in seamlessly with five fantastic originals and one that Butch Thompson co-wrote with Montgomery ( Sunday Rag ), these tunes sound both fresh and familiar, showcasing Butch and Pat s first-rate musicianship and their deep love and respect for the tradition of the blues.

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Wanderlust – Record Time (2012)

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“Looking for George Harrison or next best thing” was the ad the band put in the paper when Rob showed up with a Rickenbacker guitar, good looks and yes, a sitar! Six months later the band had an album released by RCA Records and within weeks after that their song “I Walked” was #1 on […]

Dan Stuart – Can O’Worms (1997)

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Considering that Dan Stuart’s well-respected, if under the radar, Americana band Green on Red was relatively prolific in their ’80s heyday, his subsequent solo career has oddly been nearly nonexistent. Besides a few Danny & Dusty releases (separated by a gap of 22 years) and this album that closely followed GOR’s dissolution, there hasn’t been […]

Michael Hurley – Back Home With Drifting Woods (2012)

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Unbelievably great Hurley recordings from 1964, never before heard. Recorded by Fred Ramsey as part of the same sessions that resulted in Michael’s First Songs LP on Folkways. Side A starts with ‘What’ll You Say, What’ll You Do’, a pretty psychedelic classic that can very well put you into some kinda trance. After that we […]

Audra Mae – The Happiest Lamb (2010)

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Singer/songwriter Audra Mae is the great grandniece of Judy Garland on her mother’s side and grew up listing to country music and jazz. She left her Oklahoma home for Los Angeles in 2004, determined to make it big. After relocating, she signed a publishing agreement with Warner Chappell, got a record deal, and placed a […]

Los Lobos – Kiko Live (2012)

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Tracklist: 01. Dream In Blue 02. Wake Up Dolores 03. Angels With Dirty Faces 04. That Train Don’t Stop Here 05. Kiko And The Lavender Moon 06. Saint Behind The Glass 07. Reva’s House 08. When The Circus Comes 09. Arizona Skies 10. Short Side Of Nothing 11. Two Janes 12. Wicked Rain 13. Whiskey […]