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Hank Haint – Blackout (2012)

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“Blackout,” the debut album from English rocker and one-man band Hank Haint, has recently been made available by Voodoo Rhythm Records. As first albums go, Hank Haint’s “Blackout” is really something, a take no prisoners effort, uncompromising and unpretensious, with eleven solid originals and two well-chosen covers, and a sound comprised of wave after wave of outsider garage punk, indie noise rock, and raw anti-folk.

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Whitejacket – Hollows and Rounds (2012)

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For fans of early 80′s new wave pop, Whitejacket‘s Hollows And Rounds will be pleasing to the mind. You will hear all of the pop rock treats that influenced those bands back then, including The Beatles, The Byrds, The Hollies, and eventually became some incredible music of not only the early 80′s, but the indie pop movement in the early 90′s as well. The intro to “Single Seagull” seems to play between The Beatles’ “Blackbird” and Led Zeppelin‘s “Bron-Y-Aur” a bit, but it’s not so much copying or borrowing from different songs or styles, but capturing and being able to interpret it differently to a new generation, or for those who loved them the first time around.

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Jack Klatt and The Cat Swingers – Mississippi Roll (2012)

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Mississippi Roll is the second album from Jack Klatt & The Cat Swingers.  Fifteen tracks of new originals & dusted off traditionals that combine country blues, western swing and ragtime into a thoroughly modern configuration that will tickle you with the chubby fingers of Fats Waller.  The true blue in this river is found in the prominent collaborations with four of Minnesota’s most inspirational emissaries of traditional American music; Spider John Koerner, James Samuel “Cornbread” Harris, Dakota Dave Hull and Charlie Parr. So ride the river, soak up some songs and join us as two generations of musicians collide for one night to celebrate the release of Mississippi Roll.

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Misophone – Another Lost Night (2012)

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