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White River Junction – End Of The Line (2011)

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If the Allman Brothers grew up across the street from Springsteen in east Baltimore, you would have The White River Junction band.

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Bonnie Prince Billy – Now Here’s My Plan EP (2012)

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New release from singer, songwriter and Indie icon Will Oldham AKA Bonnie Prince Billy. There comes a time in a man’s life, where he has to take stock, and it’s good that if during that time, that he can do so in the company of friends. Bonnie Prince Billy is one such man, found on Now Here’s My Plan circling back to six of his old tunes plucked from past releases, such as a reworking of his seminal “I See A Darkness”, “Beast For Thee” and “After I Made Love To You” to name a few, all recorded with Steve Albini.

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Rhonda Vincent – Sunday Mornin Singin (2012)

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Sunday Mornin Singin brings Rhonda Vincent full circle transcending her musical way of life into a successful career, and the coronation as the new Queen of Bluegrass, as proclaimed by the Wall Street  Journal. With a lifetime of accolades, Rhonda and her band The Rage, emerge as the Most Awarded Band in Bluegrass Music, with over 80 awards. Sunday Mornin Singin is the epitome of Rhonda Vincent. Growing up playing music with her family, to the musicians she met along the way that shaped her sound and the very person she is. This project celebrates the culmination of family values coupled with a passion for the music, continuous hard work, and the development of a career that many artists use as a template. Though life may not be a scorecard, Rhonda Vincent receives high marks for her music and the highest regard for her human race. You will find her love and kindness here, as she returns to her hometown for a Sunday Mornin Singin!

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