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Whiskey River Kings – St. Jameson (2012)

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Frankie Gardner – Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Tenor Banjo, Harmonica
“Big Dan” Halbrooks – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar
Dan Williams – Bass Guitar, Harmony, Mandolin
Taylor Moore – Drums, Percussion, Harmony, Bass

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Waylon Speed – Valance (2012)

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There’s something very familiar about this band’s sound, and it’s not just because they’ve been kicking around the Burlington scene — and other scenes while going out on tour — for a few years now.If you were in high school circa 1981, this is the sort of band whose hard-rockin’ logo you’d trace out on the back of your notebook. It was called Southern rock back in the day, and while Waylon Speed’s version is more twangy than head-bangy, it does smack of “been-there, heard-that” (how many songs about beer and cocaine do we need in the American Songbook?).Give ‘em credit for energy, though: Songs such as “Silver and Gold,” “Cherry Plane” and “Livin’” may just inspire you to make hook-em-horns hand gestures and bob your collective heads like three-dimensional versions of Beavis and Butthead.

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Duke Special – Oh Pioneer (2012)

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“I don’t know enough people who stay up all night, who talk themselves in circles and never say they’re right,” sighs Belfast singer-songwriter Duke Special on “Stargazers of the World Unite,” his 10th album’s opening track and a song that expresses his longing for a social circle of Kerouac-like romantics, dreamers and firebrands. It’s a desire that serves as a mission statement for this heady, overwrought record on which the dreadlocks-sporting Duke — better known to his nearest and dearest as Peter Wilson — once again conjures up fierce, flamboyant pop magic from elements as disparate as vaudeville, baroque electro-pop and keening Celtic soul. In lesser hands, such conflicting constituent parts would only yield a musical dog’s dinner, but Wilson plucks alchemy from potential anarchy thanks to a seemingly endless reservoir of great tunes and melodies. His dexterous and nimble keyboard-driven pop evokes literate mavericks such as Marc Almond, the Divine Comedy and even Ben Folds, yet the soaring choruses of tracks like “Punch of a Friend” and “Nothing Shall Come Between Us” are as giddily infectious as Keane at their most chart-friendly. “I want the world to make some sense,” breathes Duke Special on the spectral “Lost Chord”: His own idiosyncratic musical universe is very much in order.

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Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones – Checkerboard Lounge Live Chicago 1981 (2012)

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Tracklist: 01 – Introduction 02 – You Don’t Have To Go 03 – Baby Please Don’t Go 04 – Hoochie Coochie Man 05 – Long Distance Call 06 – Mannish Boy 07 – Got My Mojo Workin’ 08 – TrackNext Time You See Her 09 – One Eyed Woman 10 – Clouds In My Heart […]

ZZ Top – Original Album Series [5CD Box Set] (2012)

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1972 – Rio Grande Mud 1973 – Tres Hombres 1975 – Fandango! 1979 – Deguello 1983 – Eliminator mp3 320 kbps | 516 MB | UJ1 | UJ2