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L/O/N/G – American Primitive (2011)

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Those with passion for edgy and Neil Young in vinegary acoustic-rock mode need only know Chris Eckman (the Walkabouts, the innovative Sahara blues-influenced band Dirt Music) is one of those behind this occasionally churning, electro-rock outing with musicians from Slovenia where he now lives. The other prime mover is Rupert Huber (of the European downbeat electronica outfit Tosca) who feels a similar sense of displacement.With a chorus of women offering the spooky backdrop behind the keening and sharp guitar on Land of the Lost, groove-riding instrumentals which deliver a sense of unease (Longitude Zero has distant ululations and sinuous Vocoder) and titles like Wrong Train Comin’ .

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Van Morrison – For Rainbow, July 24th (1973)

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01 – Warm Love (3:22)
02 – Take your Hands Out Of My Pocket (4:03)
03 – Here Comes The Night (3:17)
04 – I Just Want To Make Love To You (5:36)
05 – Brown Eyed Girl (3:12)
06 – Moonshine Whiskey (7:14)
07 – Moondance (5:19)
08 – Help Me (2:41)
09 – Domino (4:37)
10 – Caravan (8:45)
11 – Cyprus Avenue (9:34)
12 – Wild Night (4:21)

BONUS (Lost Tracks From This Concert)
13 – I Paid The Price (6:43)
14 – Saint Dominic’s Preview (6:18)
15 – Gloria (3:16) (cut, Dave Fanning talking over)
Total Time 1:18:27

LineUp :
Van: Vocals
John Platania – Guitar
Jeff Labes – Keyboards
Jack Schroer – Saxophones
Bill Atwood – Trumpet
David Hayes – Bass
Dahaud Shaar – Drums
Terry Adams – Cello
Nancy Ellis – Viola
Tom Halpin – Violin
Tim Kovatch – Violin
Nathan Rubin – Violin

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Chip Taylor – Rock & Roll Joe (2011)

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The idea for Rock and Roll Joe began during Chip Taylor’s Scandinavian tour of 2007. As Chip traveled through Norway and Sweden with his longtime friend and guitarist John Platania, new protege fiddler Kendel Carson, drummer Bryan Owings and bass player Ron Eoff, they talked about everything. But many of the conversations revolved around the musicians that they knew and respected and Chip realized that most music fans didn’t really know the people who were behind many of the great records of the last 60 years.

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Kate & Anna McGarrigle – Tell My Sister (2011)

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Collection of previously unreleased songs, including solo and duo demos. mp3 VBR~220 kbps | 93 MB | FSo | FSe

Ignatz – Selected Songs from Cassettes 2005-2009 (2011)

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Ignatz is a belgian auteur who composes tripped-out psyche on various bric-a-brac which hinges on drone, lurks around the ghost of harmony not unlike a merry-go-round on which the crazed gypsies barking instructions are sun city girls and henry flynt. ‘Selected songs…’ compiles some choice slices from his stockpile of diy cassettes. It’s a riveting […]

Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis feat. Norah Jones- Here We Go Again (2011)

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Once in a while the stars align and something magical happens…as on the night Jazz at Lincoln Center presented a salute to the late, great bluesman, Ray Charles. Two musical iconoclasts, Willie Nelson and Wynton Marsalis, along with the stunning songstress Norah Jones, collectively brought their unique musical perspective to the legendary artist’s hits such […]

Drive By Truckers – Gangstabilly (1998)

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The Drive By Truckers have released three great rock albums in Southern Rock Opera, Decoration Day and The Dirty South but they didn’t start out like that. Gangstabilly is their first album and the sound is completely different from the three aforementioned “rawk” classics. Here we are listening to a band which is more than […]

Various Artists – Blue Rose Records Nugget 46 (2011)

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