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Stone & Snow – These Are the Hills (2014)

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Frank Muschalle Trio – Sleigh Ride (Feat. Stephan Holstein & Travis Haddix) (2014)

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Dick Wagner – Captured (2014)

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Dick Wagner, known as the Maestro of Rock, helped define an era in rock history by playing lead guitar or writing songs for Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Kiss, Lou Reed, Tina Turner, Nils Lofgren, Peter Gabriel, Meat Loaf, Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr, Guns & Roses, Hall & Oates and Tori Amos, and dozens of others. Captured  features legendary guitar god, Dick Wagner in the last album he released before his untimely passing on July 30, 2014.Captured, a two-hour double album, Wagner s first since 2009, features an intimate and personal side of the virtuoso rarely seen by his fans a moment-in-time jamming privately on guitar. Captured embodies a genre of musical styles rarely seen from the Maestro of Rock — inventive and improvisational jazz and blues.

Son Of Ray – Keepin’ It Real (2014)

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A grizzly rasp of catchy hooks, foot stomping bangers, and front porch soul.Recommended if you like  Bruce Springsteen, Mumford & Sons .Ray Lamontagne..

The Quebe Sisters Band – Every Which-a-Way (2014)

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Jackie DeShannon – Keep Me in Mind: The Complete Imperial & Liberty Singles, Vol. 3 (2012)

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Queen – Buenos Aires 1981 Definitive Edition (2014)

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VA – North Mississippi Allstars – Live in the Hills II (2012)

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Alfie Smith & Nicole Christian – Come On In My Kitchen (2014)

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Andrea Schroeder – Blackbird (2012)

Blackbird is the title of the debut album of Berlin based song poet Andrea Schroeder – a hommage to the bird and the beauty of life in general.Draw yourself a line from Marlene Dietrich over to Nico, add some dashes Chamber Pop in the vein of The Tindersticks to it and you come close. Discovered and loved by such illustrious people like Charles Plymell or Mike Watt .

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Grant-Lee Phillips – Walking In The Green Corn (2012)

The newest album by Grant-Lee Phillips is Walking in the Green Corn. It’s 10 songs are drawn from Phillips’ intensive investigations into his native lineage. Phillips, who is Muskogee (Creek), elliptically explores the intersection of past and present, personal and political. While the songs delve deeply into the subconscious mystery of his own back-story, they simultaneously reveal the resonance and insight of ancient myth in parallel to contemporary man’s emotions, actions, and errors.Composed in a concentrated burst over the course of a few winter months, Walking in the Green Corn came about almost too quickly to censor — the unfiltered sum of years of rumination and discovery. As the days became shorter, the nocturnal Phillips became more productive.

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Bad Temper Joe – Man For The Road (2014)

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Slide guitar, blues harp and a rough, memorable voice – that’s Bad Temper Joe.

Ginnels – A Country Life (2014)

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Circus Devils – Escape (2014)

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Robert Pollard, best known for his work in Guided by Voices, has with his project Circus Devils readied an album for November release, entitled Escape. On their thirteenth full-length album, Circus Devils take a break from their brash psychedelic rock to gear down with a collection of acoustic ballads; friendly, lo-fi pop; and murky, otherworldly mood pieces.

The Bloodhounds – Let Loose! (2014

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It might be redundant to say it, but it’s true nonetheless; you only get one debut. This has two applications; you only have one chance to make a first impression on your audience, and you only have one opportunity to write, record, and release an album while being an entirely undefined act – no expectations, no comparisons, the options are literally infinite. It’s nearly impossible to overthink a debut album, and this seems to ring extremely true for the Bloodhounds. Everything is so very natural, raw, unpolished, and genuine. The Bloodhounds have been compared to early Rolling Stones, and that’s not an extremely far-fetched comparison to be made. Obsessed with delivering sparsely-decorated but fiercely energetic tracks in a rootsy manner, the L.A. four-piece shines on their debut release, Let Loose!

Mike & Cara Gangloff – Black Ribbon of Death Silver Thread of Life (2014)

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Thompson – Family (2014)

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Family is a union of folk-rock royalty Richard and Linda Thompson, along with younger pretenders: sons Teddy and Jack, daughter Kami and her husband James Walbourne, and grandson Zak Hobbs. The idea and ensuing catalyst for the album came from Teddy, the project’s proficient producer. Since his parents split up when he was just six, it could be tempting to view the exercise as a form of belated group therapy — a kind of “meet the folkers.” Yet this collaborative venture does not overtly rake over old coals but is essentially a celebration of all things Thompson — the sincerity, the quirks, and not least that they all sing and play rather well.

Beta Radio – Colony Of Bees (2014)

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Blood Or Whiskey – Tell The Truth And Shame The Devil (2014)

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Blood or Whiskey are the real Irish Celtic punk legend.“Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil” showcases the band’s blend of traditional Irish and Caribbean sounds.

Jefferson Starship – Soiled Dove (2014)

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